Join the Lemon Family and taste the history of 165 years of farming experience.  With 5 custom clubs to choose from, joining allows you the opportunity to access and enjoy the wines you love.  Benefits include invitations to exclusive events, festival passes, special discounts, access to exclusive and limited wines, and complimentary wine tasting.


Reserve Club: For those looking for older vintages and big award winning wines, this club highlights our Reserve, Library and high-end dry wine selection.  Receive 4 bottles of wine three times a year.

Varietal Club: For those who enjoy a variety of dry wines, this club highlights our dry and semi-dry selection of white, red and rose wines.  Receive 4 bottles of wine three times a year

Taste of Lemon Creek: For those of you who love it all, this club gives you the freedom to select from any of your favorite Lemon Creek wines on our current wine listing. Receive your customized box three times per year.

Sauterne Club: For those who love sweet wine, our Sauterne club highlights everything sweet, including Ice wine, dessert wine, fruit and specialty wines and of course our Silver Beach Sauterne.  Receive 4 bottles of wine three times a year.

This Club is Currently Full — Silver Beach Club (Sauterne 2.0): For those who love Silver Beach Sauterne and Silver Beach only. Receive one case of Silver Beach, three times a year.