Join the Lemon Family and taste the history of 165 years of farming experience.  With 4 custom clubs to choose from, joining allows you the opportunity to access and enjoy the wines you love.  Benefits include invitations to exclusive events, festival passes, special discounts, access to exclusive and limited wines, and complimentary wine tasting.


Reserve Club: For those looking for older vintages and big award winning wines, this club highlights our Reserve, Library and high-end dry wine selection.  Receive 4 bottles of wine three times a year.

Varietal Club: For those who enjoy a variety of dry wines, this club highlights our dry and semi-dry selection of white, red and rose wines.  Receive 4 bottles of wine three times a year


Sauterne Club: For those who love sweet wine, our Sauterne club highlights everything sweet, including Ice wine, dessert wine, fruit and specialty wines and of course our Silver Beach Sauterne.  Receive 4 bottles of wine three times a year.


Sauterne Club 2.0: For those who love Silver Beach Sauterne and Silver Beach only. Receive one case of Silver Beach, three times a year. 

Winemaker’s Membership: For those who love it all and are looking for a prepaid membership with big perks, this club sends you 6 bottles of wine in two seasonal shipments. This is an annual membership that will require a renewal on the anniversary of your sign up date. COMING SOON

Covid-19 update: All club shipments will be automatically shipped via fedex. We will resume club pick up options once we are open again for business. Until then, enjoy $10 flat rate shipping on all club shipments.


Charges will automatically be processed 1 week prior to your shipment.  You will receive an email   1-2 weeks prior to billing as a reminder.

Pick up parties will be scheduled for the Friday prior to your club shipment.  Choosing to pick up your wine during these designated hours will allow you to receive a free glass of wine for you and a guest.  For those choosing to attend the pick-up party, please let us know at least 3 weeks prior to the shipment date.  There will be a 3 day window after the pick-up party (Saturday-Monday) in which you can still come collect your wine. After that, your allocation will be shipped to you based upon your clubs shipment guidelines.

All shipments require the signature of someone 21 years of age or older at the time of delivery. You will have the option to provide multiple addresses (work and home) on your wine club profile. Please select the location that will ensure someone is present to sign for your shipment.  If wines are returned due to lack of signature, there will be a $25 shipping fee to reship your wine.

You may cancel your club membership after you have received three allocations. There are no refunds for the prepaid Winemaker’s Membership.  To cancel a wine club membership please email us at  Early cancelations will be subject to up to $100 in cancellation fees, based upon club benefits you have already utilized.